Advanced skin care solutions

Kaya aims to make every stage of life feel more beautiful with solutions that restore, preserve and enhance the essential vitality of skin, says the company’s Middle East CEO Debashish Neogi 

Give us a brief history of Kaya Skin Clinic?

Kaya Skin Clinic, an international chain that specialises in advanced dermatological solutions for women and men. From the acne of adolescence to the stretch marks of motherhood and the challenges of mature skin, Kaya aims to make every stage of life feel more beautiful with solutions that restore, preserve and enhance the essential vitality of skin.

Driven by a mission to deliver world class skin care in the Middle East, Kaya Skin Clinic arrived in the UAE, in the summer of 2003. That was the moment it opened its door to a whole new approach combining dermatological expertise, a refined sense of aesthetics and a culture of caring. The team of Kaya experts is passionate about what they do – crafting unique personalised experiences around a core of customised skin care treatments.

Through years of intensive experience with clients in the region, the Company has gained a wealth of experience and has invested in building the region’s largest pool of dermatologists – 36 and counting. They deliver a very special brand of bespoke skin care across 24 locations in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman. Kaya’s collective intelligence is at the heart of every service and product formulation. Every client receives a bespoke personalised skin care program me that begins with a consultation and skin analysis with a dermatologist.

Kaya offers a range of services from laser hair reduction to chemical peels, acne and pigmentation reduction, age control solutions like botox, fillers and threads. Every service is executed by a trained and certified skin practitioner. A thoughtful blend of expertise and caring defines the Kaya customer experience and has helped the company establish itself as a world-class organization with a base of over 250,000 satisfied clients.

What was the motivation behind expanding to the Middle East?

Studies show that the skin care market in the Middle East is poised for impressive growth in this category. The reasons for this are many. Firstly, it is a region with a high disposable income particularly among the younger customer profile. Furthermore, there has been a growing awareness of wellness and skincare in the region which fits in with the contemporary lifestyles. This inspired us to establish a solid base of clinics and clients it is only natural for us to expand here.

We currently have 24 fully owned and managed branches across UAE, Oman, Saudi and Kuwait. UAE represents our biggest network with 17 clinics, followed by 4 clinics in Saudi Arabia, 2 in Oman and 1 in Kuwait.

What are the factors that make Kaya stand apart from competitors?

In recent years, Kaya has endeavoured to redefine skin clinics. We have put in a lot of effort into crafting the uniquely personalised Kaya experience. It all begins with our people. Our expert and talented team possess that rare quality to listen and then respond with customised solutions. ­

To us Kaya is more than a brand. It is a special and enduring relationship between us and our clients who have benefited from the art and science of what we offer. We make them look good and feel good. That’s why they keep coming back.

Kaya symbolises the progression of the clinic experience that is setting standards in the region. As consumer experiences evolve Kaya changes with it and makes every effort to listen to customers opinions in an effort to improve.

As technology, design trends and services evolve Kaya clinics have been made to look less clinical and more attractive and professional. The objective is to make clients feel at ease the moment they set foot in any of the clinics.

Moreover, Kaya celebrates diversity. Ours is a multicultural staff – a hand-picked team of over 300 people are drawn from 16 nationalities. Each one of our dermatologists undergoes over 500 hours of specialised training. That makes a big difference.

The spring of 2017 signified a key milestone in Kaya’s journey in the Middle East. Kaya revealed a new identity, with the opening of its two new clinics in Dubai – at BurJuman and Barsha Heights, the first two of many more to come. They herald what could be called “Skin Clinic 2.0”. It represents the evolution of a skin clinic experience into something that we believe will set the benchmark in the category for time to come.

It started with the brand’s quest to understand what goes into making a customer feel truly special. The exercise focused on a crucial question: how could a centre feel less like a medical clinic, even as rapidly advancing medical technology and a growing spectrum of offerings make it more of one? At the heart of it all was a key learning: what customers desire most in a clinic is an experience that is all about them. Every moment, every element must feel special, designed for them, to make them look good and feel great. An experience where science meets beauty.

With the launch of this new identity, not only has the brand unveiled the next generation skin clinic, but also a vibrant new ‘Kaya’ brand, which will continue to lead the industry as it always has.

What are the plans for expansion in Oman?

Oman is showing great promise hence the opening of our second branch in Muscat City Centre. We have been in this market for almost a decade and we see potential to expand to newer locations in the sultanate.

This new clinic will carry the new brand identity with its vibrant and dynamic look and will be only the third clinic in the region to execute it. Omanis can count on the spectrum of dermatological treatments including the breakthrough solution to sweating and odour using the revolutionary miraDry technology. It will also offer newer verticals like the holistic body contouring treatment using a toolkit of non-surgical technologies.

Middle East is the biggest market for skin care industry and it is expected to register a CAGR of 8.0% during the forecast period, 2016–2024 according to various research. How is Kaya planning to exploit this opportunity?

We are well poised to capitalise on this growing sector. In response to this demand we have recently entered Kuwait and have acquired a few more clinics in the UAE which will help drive higher growth. Oman and Saudi look promising too and we are examining expansion opportunities in the two countries.

We are now armed with our new brand identity roll out which will contribute in large measure in enhancing our brand values and personality. It will also serve to leverage  the client experience to a great extent and therefore deliver much higher value to clients.

On the service front, we are exploring new verticals like body contouring and intensive hair services where we see huge potential. As the brand reaches out, we want to see it create ever-deeper connections with its community of clients across the region. 

Advanced skin care solutions
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