We strive to offer the best services to our customers

Interview: Vishal Ganatra, managing director of trading company Ganatra International, charts the company's growth and shares plans for the future 

Give us a brief history of the company and its operations.

Ganatra International (GI) was established in July 2010. The company started its operations as any other trading company by rendering services to source all kinds of products except ammunition and food and beverage.  We categorise ourselves as general suppliers and traders. 

We started with supplying building materials, steel and wood, and gradually moved to highly technical spares and different products used in the oil and gas industry. Slowly and steadily, we entered into trading and outsourcing. We gradually realised what kind of companies we would like to be associated with and are currently distributors to many of them in Oman. We also provide third party services such as small civil jobs and logistics services for companies to whom we supply tools.

What kind and brands of tools and equipment do you supply?

Ganatra International represents some of the highest quality brands like Bahco, Scrub Daddy, Fiber fix, The Paint Brush Cover, BELL (British Electrical Lamps Limited) and many more. With heightened competition in today's time, people compromise quality for price. On the contrary, we are very particular about the  quality of the product that we are dealing or supplying to our clients and we offer the best prices to ensure customers satisfaction.  We  take the responsibility to check the product personally.

We supply tools like motors and power transmission, electrical and lighting, metal working, abrasives, welding and lubrication, B&E Systems, hydraulics & pneumatics, HVAC & refrigeration etc.

We do trading for various products as and when we have companies reaching out to us to source it from different parts of the world.

Which sectors are serviced by your company?

We service many sectors including oil and gas, education, Ministry of Defence etc. We also render our services to other general traders to help them outsource different products as per their requirement. We always have our doors open to every possible opportunity for trading in different kinds of products. In some cases, we also provide fittings and after services. Our motto is 'Happy Clients' and we go all out to make sure that we provide the best service possible to all the sectors we cater to.

How has your company made a difference in the tools and equipment sector?

Tools and equipment is a very broad sector and heavily competitive. Being a trading company we work with many different companies and different types of tools. We have companies that would like to collaborate with us through which their products can reach the right consumer. Our focus is not just tools hence we have not made a significant difference in this sector particularly. Although, that being said, we do represent brands and supply products that challenge the existing market and at the same time we have a good team that helps clients to provide the best service and maintain a long term relationship.

Has the recent oil price crisis affected your business?

Yes, the recent oil price crisis has affected the business on a marginal level, as it has with every other businesses. As the managing director of the company and from my past work experience, I feel, in a challenging market like Oman, it is still possible for growth for an entrepreneur. Again, like I mentioned above, we are a general trading company we deal in many different sectors apart from oil and gas, Hence the oil price crisis has affected us on a minimal scale only.

What are your plans for the future?

We are a trading company currently and every day we look forward to new opportunities to make my company grow and to offer the best possible services to our clients. We have come a long way and thanks to our existing clients who helped us in becoming what we are today in the last six years. This journey has gone a long way and still have more to go.

Like, every company we plan to introduce many different kinds of products that would help us to grow in future. As he MD of the company I hold the responsibility for the quality of products that we trade in. Our policy is 'Don’t find customers for your products, Find products for your customers'.

In the future, we look forward to introducing FMCG products to the market from various countries, which will eventually help in the growth of the people in Oman. 

We strive to offer the best services to our customers
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