Fitness: Staying fit in the heat

With temperatures on the rise, it is safe to say that summer is nearly upon us. 

While other countries may relish their mild summer sun, here in Oman we tend to dread this time of year with the oppressive temperatures keeping us indoors and inactive. But even with the mercury soaring, your fitness doesn’t need to suffer. Here’s how to stay fit and healthy in the heat.  

Drink up

When we workout, our core body temperature rises. To help to cool ourselves down, our body sweats. If the weather is also hot, we sweat even more meaning hydration is more important than ever to replenish the fluids we have lost.

There are different theories on hydration with precise formulas about how much to drink and when. Rather than getting bogged down in the nitty-gritty, it’s better to follow common-sense and listen to your body. Conventional wisdom says simply to drink until you are no longer thirsty. It’s good to start a workout when you are already fully hydrated, so drink plenty of water in the hours leading up to exercise. Be sure to do the same after the workout too. When it comes to your choice of drink, even with hundreds of sports-drinks on the market, the natural choice – water, is always the best option.

Stay active inside

Summer is a great to time explore the many indoor options when it comes to exercise. There are lots of great gyms out there (also with great air-conditioning) to help you skip the heat. If you’re not the gym type, you can try different exercise classes in sports facilities and centres around town. This is a good way to mix-up your workout routine or learn a new skill. Why not try dance classes, yoga, capoeira or kickboxing this summer?

The best thing about indoor workouts is that you don’t even have to leave your house. Even with a small space you can get a great sweat going with body weight exercises such as star-jumps, burpies, sit-ups, push-ups, planks, squats and lunges just to name a few.

Keep it short

If you chose to exercise outdoors, you may want to rethink the structure of your workouts. Instead of exercising continuously for a long stretch of time, break it up into smaller bursts. Rather than working out for one hour, try four 15 minute blocks throughout the day to reduce the time you spend in the hot sun. 15 minutes is enough for hill sprints, a short cardio circuit, body-weight exercises or a power-walk.

Timing is everything

We all know that in the thick of Oman’s summer, temperatures rarely dip below 35 degrees regardless of the time of day or night. Nevertheless, spending time in the direct sun increases your risk of heat stroke and other dangerous conditions. The nights may still be warm, but at least they give some respite from the harsh sun. In the summer months, try to schedule outdoor workouts in the early morning or after sunset to avoid the sun at its strongest.

What’re your tips to staying fit and cool in the heat?



Nidhal Aouali

Coach, Oman Kickboxing Club

Instagram: @nidhalaouali and omankickboxingclub

For enquiries, Call: 95317604 (Arabic) 93647450 (English)Email: 

Fitness: Staying fit in the heat
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