Innovation and automation to drive growth

Baida al Zadjali

Partner-Senior project manager, Meezah

It is true that the current environment may seem challenging, however the greatest opportunities and ideas are mostly born in the most challenging times. Challenge drives innovation and change requires adaptation.

We are well aware that the basic drivers for economic growth desperately need to be improved. Recently, they have been mentioned, studied and discussed in many forums, programmes and initiatives. The government realises what needs to be done but the implementation is being delayed due to various factors that are too wide and complex to be discussed here. Meanwhile businesses fear that some of these initiatives might adversely affect the business environment rather than improving it if not implemented correctly.

In my opinion, the required change can be achieved in a more organic fashion and the SME community can contribute to this and introduce them via innovating, creating and becoming more automated and technology driven. The entrepreneurial culture must be further advanced to encourage innovation and ‘out of the box’ thinking. The industrial and contracting market might need to invest in automation that will give long-term returns, quality products and create new markets.

On the technology front, we have to launch more initiatives like the SAS incubator to push the information technology envelope forward. Another driver of growth is the service industry. Our limited population, rich cultural heritage, geographical location and other various factors support creating more service industries. This will create more skilled jobs that are both attractive and sustainable and also shift the current market conditions while successfully utilising the natural resources we have and maximising the human capital potential.

At Meezah, we haven't faced much difficulties as one might expect because of the fact that we simply provided a unique service offering that is lacking in the market, in other words, we were innovative. More importantly, we understand that changing markets means adapting to new conditions and possibly tapping into completely new areas by applying our core skills where they are needed.  

Innovation and automation to drive growth
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