Fitness: Staying fit during holidays

Summer is here and with it, the holidays. This is the time when many of us travel, exploring new cities with family and friends and indulging in the culinary delights of different cultures. 

Without a doubt travel broadens the mind, but sadly for some of us, it also broadens the waistline. Extra holiday ‘padding’ doesn’t have to be your reality this summer and with some simple planning, you can enjoy the wonders of the local cuisine without piling on the kilos.

 Here are some tips to staying fit and healthy while travelling:

Hit the road…on foot

Exploring your destination on foot is a wonderful way to soak up the atmosphere with the added benefit of moving your body and burning calories. Walking allows you to see a side of a city that just isn’t possible in a car, and gives you the chance to discover those places that will make your experience there truly memorable; gardens, secret alleyways, cafes that only the locals go, street markets and hidden galleries and boutiques. Not only will you experience your destination first hand, you will also move your body and fend off the extra kilos.

Enjoy without over-indulging

Sampling the local cuisine is one of the best things about travelling, and it would be a shame to deny yourself that delicious gelato in Italy or crape in France. Enjoy your food, but in moderation. Have those noddles, pasta, curry, schnitzel, but don’t over-indulge. Eating until you feel completely stuffed is neither comfortable or good for your waistline.  Watch your portion sizes, and try to eat smaller meals more regularly rather than waiting until you’re very hungry and more likely to over-eat. Don’t forget your vegetables and try to eat more slow-release carbs and protein than fried foods and refined sugars.

No gym, no problem

Just because you’re away from your usual gym doesn’t mean you need to give up your exercise routine. Bodyweight training – basically any exercise that uses your body’s weight as the main form of resistance, is perfect for travelling. With bodyweight training, all you need for an effective workout is a small space on the floor; whether it be in your hotel room, on the beach or at a park. Work up a sweat with some push-ups, sit-ups and jumping jacks in your hotel room. Make the most of a local park with some lunges, squats and planks. 

Stairs are also a great tool to utilise when away from home. Only 15 minutes running up and down the stairs in your hotel building or outside is enough for quite a burn.

fitness master

Nidhal Aouali

Coach, Oman Kickboxing Club, Instagram: @nidhalaouali and omankickboxingclub

Fitness: Staying fit during holidays
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